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Date & Tamarind Sauce

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*No onions, no garlic*

Product info:

A chatpata sauce that reminds you of Daadi maa’s recipes or the yummy chutney that gol gappe wala serves. The highly addictive flavors of sweet date and tangy tamarind dominate our sauce. It has a depth of flavour which works well with not just desi dishes but a host of firangi dishes as well.

Serve on the side of garam parathas, add yum to samosa’s, dollop a spoonful in your bhel or chaats. Bring alive raita or dahi bhalla. This sauce is truly delicious and versatile.

Further info:

Shelf life: 12 months

Net weight: 160g

Ingredients & nutritional info:

Ingredients: Water, sugar, tamarind, date, mustard oil, black salt, jaggery, spices, thickening agent (E 415), starch. Contains permitted class II preservatives (E 211). No added color or flavors.

Nutritional info: Energy - 145Kcal, Protein - 2.0g, Carbohydrates - 34.12g, of which sugar - 26.3g, Fat - 0.11g 

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