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What's in my pantry - That olive jar

makhani olives What's in my pantry

Remember that time you looked up some fancy recipe for Mexican fajitas or a puttanesca pasta sauce, and went to a shop and bought a big jar of olives? It seemed so great at the time, but 6 months later do you keep bumping into that same jar each time you reach in to pick something that you ACTUALLY eat from the fridge? There it sits, 60% full, unused since that long-forgotten exotic meal and racing dangerously quickly towards the end of its shelf life. 

We all know that feeling. Online recipes have a knack of telling you to buy something suspiciously expensive that you almost certainly won't use again. Ever. 

But when it comes to olives, here's a sneaky way of using them up so that you don't feel so bad about your impulse purchase:

We call it the Calzatha - half Italian calzone, half paratha, this monster snack is a tasty as it gets, and what's more, you don't need a shred of culinary talent to put it together! A calzone, in layman's terms, is essentially a pizza that's been folded over so that the toppings have now become fillings. Just as tasty (if not tastier), calzones have the added benefit of drying out slower than an open pizza, so it doesn't really matter if your paratha's aren't made fresh.

Here's what you do:

Step 1: Open up that jar of olives, and chop up a handful of them

Step 2: spread PICO's Shahi Makhani Dip all over the paratha, covering it generoursly

Step 3: Chuck your olives on top, trying to keep it even across the paratha

Step 4: throw some cheese on top - grated or chopped, mozzarella, cheddar or processed cheese. To be honest, anything works - even paneer!

Step 5: Fold in two and shove it into something hot - an oven will cook it properly, and a microwave will make it a bit soggy and floppy. But both are delicious, and the microwave is faster. The choice is yours.

Optional steps: you can also put anything else inside if you want to. You can chop up some veggies - cooked or raw; you could throw on some meat - but make sure it's cooked already. The reality is, if it's edible, it will probably taste good inside a paratha. Especially if it's covered in PICO's makhani sauce.

So there you have it - next time you find yourself with an absurdly expensive jar of olives in your fridge and you don't know how to finish them off, try this no-nonsense recipe and enjoy the tastiest Calzatha ever!

You can buy PICO's Shahi Makhani Dip here. In the meantime, stay hot, stay saucy!

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