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So what's this whole blog stuff anyway? You may be looking at this page saying 'why the hell should I read the PICO blog?'. I don't blame you. I'm sitting here looking at this page saying 'why the hell should I write this damn PICO blog?'. When I don't even know what I'm eating tonight for dinner, how can I plan a coherent flow of blog posts to keep you hooked on our crazy hot sauce, running back to our product page for some more? 

The task seems insurmountable, and I think fondly of that old Icelandic saying: 'there is so much for me to do that I think I will go to bed'. So instead of writing this blog for you, dear reader, I think I'll write it for myself instead. You see, when you wake up one morning and say 'let me move to India and start a hot sauce company' it sounds like a stroll in the park. But 6 years later I find myself on the second rung of a 63,000 rung ladder, abundantly confident that I'm a hop skip and a jump away from getting to the top.

The upside I suppose is that it gives me a lot to write about. As clichéd as it sounds, every sauce has a story to tell, and every month of the last 5 years has given me enough learnings to write a 3 part volume of the do's and dont's of business in India. I've also, coincidently, taste a boat load of our hot sauce along the way, and I've got a pretty long list of awesome things you can do with them.

So to stay up to date with my ramblings about PICO all you have to do is head back here once in a while and maybe sign up to our newsletter below. You'll probably get some fun recipes and foodie ideas, and an occasional story thrown in. 

In the meantime, stay hot, stay saucy. 

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